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The Guide to Sanctions (English version) with the Contribution of GLO Lawyers Was Published
2020-09-15Qing Ren | Deming Zhao

Recently, The Guide to Sanctions (English version) was published. Qing Ren and Deming Zhao, partners of Global Law Office, had written the China-related (including Hong Kong) chapter for this publication, which demonstrates:

  • Current export control mechanisms and practices in mainland China, including: legal framework, competent authorities, controlled items and technologies, controlled activities, licensing, and consequences of violations;
  • China’s participation and implementation of the multilateral sanction mechanism of the United Nations Security Council;
  • The Draft Export Control Law published on December 28, 2019, including: highlights of the Draft, control lists, controlled activities, control measures, and consequences of violations;
  • Export controls and sanctions in Hong Kong.

Leading lawyers from several top firms in the field of export controls and sanctions around the world had contributed to The Guide to Sanctions which was structured and edited by Global Investigations Review (GIR). The book systematically introduced the unilateral and multilateral export control and sanctions systems of major countries (regions) and international organizations including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, the Asia-Pacific region, and the United Nations. It also provided practical guidance on sanctions in specific areas such as corporate transactions, litigation/arbitration, and financial institutions, and the establishment of sanctions compliance mechanisms.


The Guide to Sanctions may be downloaded here: